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Your new yumi is handed to you properly strung and with perfect curvature.

As a natural product made of bamboo and wax tree, every bow has its own distinct personality. Therefore every bow should be treated according to its preferences.

A yumi when it is sold is only finished to about fifty percent. It is never even test-shot.

When a new yumi is pulled for the first time, gendōri, harigao (yuminari), kyuha and urasori are subject to change. This is a natural occurrence, not faulty behavior. The remaining fifty percent of a yumi’s making lies in the hands of the shooter, whose usage over time matures the yumi and perfects its performance.

In the maker’s eyes, the condition in which a yumi is sold is its ideal form at that stage, but not its finished form. This should be considered when choosing a new yumi.


To condition the yumi for shooting practice follow these steps:


1 Subiki (drawing the yumi without nocking a ya)

2 Makiwara shooting

3 Gyōsha

4 Yuminari conditioning


The number of ya shot should be slowly increased while adjusting the yumi’s form to the shooter’s liking. To withdraw a yumi’s full potential, on top of its manufacturer’s craftsmanship, its shooter’s attention is indispensable.

Please take good care of your yumi to unfold its full potential.

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